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fine art    handmade   paintings decor by

janie louise mcgee

Painting Easels
Mason Jars
Plant Wall Art
jlouise studio logo april 27 9.jpg

 "He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen, or by a weaver—by any sort of workman or skilled designer."

- Exodus 35:35



You can buy original paintings on canvas unframed on my site.

Painting from 16 x 20 to

24 x 36 signed by me.

For commission art email me!

Painting Easels

Over the years I have created volumes of art.  My digital signed prints are 16 x 20 25.00 with free shipping. The unframed prints can be a blessing to you, your family, or friends. Check out my prints.

I will ship within 2 to 3 days.


Official site for Church Lady Series by Janie McGee.  You will find prints, greeting cards and custom designs.  For more info email! Colorful women praising God.

Pink Envelopes

Official site for Pink Prayer Series. This series was created for women of color and women suffering from health issues and specifically breast cancer. I have also included PCOS, Lupus, heart disease, and Prostate Cancer for men. This series is in prints, greeting cards, and products on my Art Store. God is a healer@ Send this series to your

loved ones for hope..

Image by pure julia

Check out my handmade greeting cards with my art. Over the last 46 years, I have created volumes of art. My greeting cards series are colorful cards 5 x7 in set of 20 in. Send my cards with inspirational art to family and friends.

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Handmade Art

Psalm 148

I am not only an artist but a Handmade artist. I create handmade art and folk art for

the home. I am excited about the new handmade art that will soon be posted to adorn your home! Email me for custom handmade art, tapestry, trays, teapots, and more!


In the last 46 years of creating art as a professional artist, I have a collection of volumes of images. My portfolio is a small reflection of the paintings, illustrations, watercolors, mixed media, and handmade folk art I have created over the years. For gallery and exhibition email me for info.


Contact me for more information on licensing my art and commission art!I look forward to working with you!


Double Latte Books is our website with or self-published books. You will find prayer books, fiction, nonfiction, art books, novels, journals, and more!

For spiritual inspiration, hope, and drawing closer to God heck out our books! Kindle and paperbacks!


About me...I am an artist, author, musician, and designer. Sometimes

I like to dance, lol pop to gospel.  My art is nationally and internationally. Check out my about me to learn more!


I started documenting black history over 46 years ago. I have created volumes of art from, old vintage photos to tell our story. To orders prints, cards, or custom check out BH365!

For custom orders email!

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